Call: 540-260-3133

Call: 540-260-3133

Parking lot repairParking Lot Maintenace, Crack, Filling, Line Striping and Asphalt Repair

As experts of parking lot repair in SW Virginia, our first step is to learn about the condition of your asphalt surface and determine the most beneficial and cost effective strategy to repair your surface. Our asphalt rehabilitation strategies include asphalt patching, reclaiming, crack sealing, catch basin reconstruction and overlay.

Using the latest Seal-Rite™ technologies in asphalt maintenance and parking lot repair, we offer a comprehensive list of processes designed to improve the structure and extend the life of your asphalt parking lot, path, roadway or driveway.

Our services include crack sealing, cold seal, chip seal, sweeping, striping, overlay and our unique sealcoat repair.

We also provide year-round parking lot maintenance services with snow removal.  This helps keep your parking lot in better condition and both your employees and customers safe. 

Get your parking lot or asphalt service repaired properly at a reasonable price. Virginia State licensed and insured, BBB A+ Rating. Contact Jackson Enterprises for a quote today.